Socks with loops

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Socks with loops to assist those with reduced hand function

Thin Socks with Loops

disability socks Tetraplegie, Schlaganfall, Rett Syndrome, R√ľckenmarksverletzung, Multiple Sklerose, Zerebralparese/Zerebrale Kinderl√§hmung

Thick socks with loops

Socks with loops to assist those with reduced hand function

Pack of thin black socks × 3

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Putting socks on when you have reduced finger function can be a tricky business. These Socks with Loops have a ribbon loop sewn on either side of the top of the sock, allowing you to put your socks on independently.

Sliding a finger into the ribbon loop on each side opens up the sock to enable you to put your foot it. The loops can then be used to pull the sock up your leg.

Each loop is discreet and colour matched to the sock.

These Socks with Loops are available in a standard black thin cotton sock or in a thick winter sock with a tog rating of 2.45 Рfor those with reduced blood circulation it is especially important to keep feet and legs warm in the winter. The thick, winter socks are fluffy and soft on the inside and come in four colours  (the black option is a longer length for extra warmth).

Once you have your socks on, you might want a helpful way to put your shoes on and do up the laces. The Zubits magnetic shoe closers allow you to open your shoe wide to put your foot in easily and then magnetically close.


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